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Introductory Classes


The Happiness Dilemma & The Need for Dharma

with Geshe Wangchen

Sunday 17 June, 10am – 12pm
How happy are you? How do you get your happiness and sustain it? How mentally resilient are you? How do you respond to problems? It is vital that we check up on these questions. Why? Because day and night we wish to be happy, however often it can elude us. The encouraging news is that Shakyamuni Buddha, through his own experience saw that it is possible to recognize and cease our suffering; it is possible to recognize true happiness and develop the causes for it and experience it for ourselves. The teachings and realization of those teachings is the Buddhadharma. However, if we do not ask ourselves these questions, there is the risk of missing our chance for experiencing reliable happiness. Facility Fee $10 (Dharma Friend monthly contributors are free)

How to Think and Act as a Genuine Dharma Practitioner

with Geshe Wangchen

Sunday 24 June, 10am – 12pm

Practicing Dharma is not a matter of just saying all of the right Dharma words, attending all of the right pujas or even of having read all of the right texts or having sat in all of the right retreats. We also cannot tell for sure by looking at the outside of a person whether they are a genuine Dharma practitioner or not. So what does it mean to really practice Dharma? How can we train in this and how can we check up on ourselves to see whether we are genuinely practicing Dharma?

Facility Fee $10 (Dharma Friend monthly contributors are free)



Sunday Mornings with Geshe-la

Sunday mornings, from 10am – 12pm, our Resident Teacher, Geshe Wangchen, gives introductory Dharma talks and classes on a variety of topics. Everyone is welcome. The topics will be posted on this page and on our Google Program Calendar closer to the time. If there are any changes to this class they will be noted on our calendar.



Recently Completed Classes


Why Meditate?

with Geshe Wangchen

Sunday 10 June, 10am – 12pm
Why take the time to meditate in our busy lives? What is the purpose of Buddhist meditation? Come and find clarification and encouragement for the important and meaningful practice of meditation.Facility Fee $10 (Dharma Friend monthly contributors are free)

Four Applications of Mindfulness

with Geshe Wangchen

Sunday 8, 15 and 22 of April, 10am – 12pm  In Shakyamuni Buddha’s most detailed teaching on mindfulness, the Buddha taught four domains or aspects of mindfulness: mindfulness of body, feelings, mind and phenomena. Everyone is welcome to come and learn what these are and how to practice them. Facility Fee $10 (Dharma Friend monthly contributors are free)

The Path to Enlightenment

with Geshe Wangchen

Sunday 29 April, 6, 13 and 20 May 10am – 12pm This four Sunday series (29 April, 6, 13 and 20 May) on the path to enlightenment will introduce all of the key topics for meditation and practice along the path to enlightenment. This class will be followed by a One Day Meditation Retreat on 27 May (register separately for this Retreat Day). Everyone is welcome to come to this class! Facility Fee $10 (Dharma Friend monthly contributors are free) No need to register, just come! Everyone welcome. Beginners Welcome! (Retreat facility fee is separate)

Discovering Buddhism: How to Meditate

with Simon Harrison

Monday nights 7.30 – 9pm, 12 March – 23 April (6 weeks – no class on Easter Monday)

Excellent for all levels! Understand and explore basic meditation techniques. Learn the definition and purpose of meditation, how to sit properly, how to set up a meditation session, the different types of meditation techniques one may employ, and how to recognize and deal with obstacles to meditation. Whether you are a total beginner or have already been meditating, this class can help clarify, develop and deepen one’s experience of meditation. Everyone is welcome to this course.

Facility Fee $10 per session (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors free)

Materials Fee $20

Discovering Buddhism is a fourteen-module series developed by the FPMT Education Department that gives the student a solid foundation in the teachings and practice of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism. Mind and Its Potential is the first module in the series. Developed by the FPMT, this series is both accessible for newer students and also very helpful for students who have already studied Buddhism for a while, but wish to have a more solid foundation. To read more about this FPMT program and what the topics of the fourteen modules are click here

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