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Introductory Classes




Songs of Spiritual Experience:

Condensed Points on the Stages of the Path by Je Tsongkhapa

Commentary by Geshe Wangchen

Sundays beginning 5 July 10am 

Duration: This class will be taught over approximately 10 Sunday morning sessions July till September and will culminate in a One Day Retreat on these topics guided by Geshe Wangchen


“The Buddha and the great teachers who followed him gave clear instructions on how to proceed from a state of suffering to a state of peace and happiness,” explains His Holiness the Dalai Lama. These teachings were distilled into a clear, step-by-step path to enlightenment, or lam-rim, initially by Lama Atisha and subsequently by Lama Tsongkhapa as well as other great yogis and scholars.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama emphasizes that: “The primary goal of these teachings is to discipline and transform the mind. These texts have their source in the sutras and the other teachings of the Buddha himself, but their special virtue is that they convey the thought of the Buddha in a format that is easy to apply in actual practice.”

How did the great yogi Je Tsongkhapa practice? How should we, who aspire to enlightenment, practice? The answers to these questions are contained in this brief, classic lam-rim text Songs of Spiritual Experience: Condensed Points of the Stages of the Path.

This class is suitable for all levels from beginners through advanced.

Facility Fee $10 per class (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors are free)
No registration required.



Sunday Mornings with Geshe-la

Sunday mornings, from 10am – 12pm, our Resident Teacher, Geshe Wangchen, gives introductory Dharma talks and classes on a variety of topics. Everyone is welcome. The topics will be posted on this page and on our Google Program Calendar closer to the time. If there are any changes to this class they will be noted on our calendar.



Recently Completed Classes

Thought Transformation:

teachings on The Seven Points of Mind Training

with Geshe Wangchen

Sundays, 10 May – 21 June 2020 (extended one more class to finish on 21 June – Six sessions total)

If we practice thought transformation techniques we can become happy all of the time. No matter what obstacles or hindrances we encounter we remain undisturbed, joyful and able to use them to benefit all sentient beings.

Geshe Chekawa’s The Seven Points of Mind Training is a brief but profound text that is packed with pith instructions for those wishing to practice Mahayana Thought Transformation. Geshe-la will help us discover the jewels that these techniques can offer to transform our lives when we put them into practice.

Facility Fee $10 (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors are free)

All levels welcome. No registration needed.

Click here to request audio recordings of this class during the lockdown.

Bodhisattva Training:

teachings on The Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva

with Geshe Wangchen

Sundays from 15 March till 3 May

How can we train step-by-step on the Bodhisattva path? A bodhisattva aims to achieve enlightenment in order to help all living beings achieve enlightenment – total freedom from suffering, perfect happiness and perfect qualities. Using the short, beautiful classic text, Thirty-seven Practices of a Bodhisattva by Gyalse Tokme Zangpo, Geshe-la will illuminate how we can train practically, in small steps, on the Bodhisattva Path.

Facility Fee $10 (Dharma Friend monthly contributors are free)
All levels welcome. No registration needed.


Click here to request audio recordings of this class during the lockdown.

First Class of 2020:

The Four Noble Truths

followed by Community Vegetarian Potluck Lunch

with Geshe Wangchen

Three Sundays:

Sunday 11am 16 Feb (first class followed by a Vegetarian Potluck Lunch – please bring a dish to share)

Sunday 10am 23 Feb

Sunday 10am 8 Mar

The very first teaching that Buddha Shakyamuni gave after becoming enlightened was on The Four Noble Truths. This teaching shares four major insights of the Buddha’s enlightenment: the depths and variety of suffering we experience, the causes of our suffering, the fact that it is possible to achieve the cessation of all of our suffering and an introduction to the path that leads to the cessation of suffering. This talk is suitable for all levels and everyone is welcome.

Facility Fee $10 (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors are free)   No need to register.


Last Teaching of 2019: Rejoicing and Gratitude

followed by Community Vegetarian Potluck Lunch

with Geshe Wangchen

Sundays 11am, 15 Dec

This will be our last class of the 2019 program. We invite you to bring your khatag (traditional Tibetan offering scarf) and/or any offering (optional) you would like to offer to Geshe-la as a thank you at the conclusion of teachings today. 

Today Geshe-la will give a talk on rejoicing, gratitude and dedicating all of our positive actions and Dharma practice of 2019. By rejoicing in our positive actions, no matter how small, the positive karma created increases! That’s right, it is strengthened and increased. And when we rejoice in others positive actions, we too create good karma and causes of happiness. Not to be missed! Everyone is welcome.

Teachings will be followed by an end of year community potluck lunch – please bring a vegetarian dish to share.

Facility Fee $10 (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors are free)
No need to register. Everyone welcome!


11am End-of-Year Community Vegetarian Potluck Lunch 
Please bring a vegetarian dish to share.

Everyone welcome!


How to Generate Bodhicitta

with Geshe Wangchen

Sundays 10am 10 Nov – 8 Dec (5 weeks)

Before one can become a Buddha, one must become a bodhisattva, and in order to become a bodhisattva, one must generate the mind of bodhicitta. In this course, Geshe Wangchen will give an introduction to the two primary methods for generating the mind of bodhicitta – Six Cause and One Result and the method of Exchanging Self with Others – as well as the combined 11 step method. By meditating on and practicing these methods in one’s daily life, it is possible for us to develop this precious mind of bodhicitta, make our life meaningful and offer greater and greater benefit to sentient beings.

Facility Fee $10 (Dharma Friend monthly contributors are free)

No need to register for the class.
Everyone welcome!


Discovering Buddhism Series

How to Meditate

with FPMT Registered Teacher Simon Harrison

Monday nights 7.30 – 9pm, 7 October – 18 November (6 weeks – no class on Labour Day Public Holiday Monday 28th October)

Excellent for all levels!

Understand and explore basic meditation techniques. Learn the definition and purpose of meditation, how to sit properly, how to set up a meditation session, the different types of meditation techniques one may employ, and how to recognize and deal with obstacles to meditation. Whether you are a total beginner or have already been meditating, this class can help clarify, develop and deepen one’s experience of meditation.

Everyone is welcome to this course.

Facility Fee $10 per session (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors free)

Materials Fee $45 (includes a copy of How to Meditate by Kathleen McDonald)

If you already own a copy of the book How to Meditate by Kathleen McDonald then your Materials Fee is $15.

Please register at

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