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Meditation Classes and Retreats

Thank you for your interest in meditation. This page also includes classes that will finish with a Retreat Day. Please see details below. At the end of June / early July we also plan to offer a 6 week guided meditation course on Monday nights. Stay tuned for details on that.


Dependent Arising

with Geshe Wangchen

Sundays, 10am (from 28 February – 9 May) 10 Sundays + Retreat Day on Sunday 16 May 10am – 4pm 

“Benevolent teacher, you taught to help all living beings. Emptiness is the essence of those teachings, its highest proof dependent arising.” – Lama Tsongkhapa

Realizing the nature of reality is key to eliminating suffering once and for all; it is the heart of the Buddha’s teachings. After realizing emptiness directly, the first text that Lama Tsongkhapa composed was a brief text called “Dependent Arising: A Praise of the Buddha.” Full of inspiration, it eloquently expounds this heart of the teachings, clarifying emptiness, dependent arising and how to abandon wrong views.

Geshe-la will explain this text over approximately 8 – 10 weeks finishing with a Retreat Day on this important topic.

Class Facility Fee: $10 per class (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors are free)

Retreat Facility Fee $30 (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors are $20) Please bring a vegetarian dish to share for the potluck lunch. (The Retreat day is on Sunday 16 May, 10am – 4pm)

PLEASE REGISTER if you wish to attend this retreat day. You can register here:

No registration required for the classes. Please register for the Retreat Day if you would like to join.



Discovering Buddhism Series

Presenting the Path

with FPMT Registered Teacher Simon Harrison

Monday nights 7.30 – 9pm, 12 April – 21 June (no class on Queen’s Birthday) 10 weeks + 1 Retreat Day on Saturday, 26 June 10am – 4pm

Excellent for all levels!

Get an overview of the entire Tibetan Buddhist path to awakening. Hear about the life story of the Buddha and study the basic teachings of Buddhism. Discover the unique system for putting Buddhist philosophy into practice contained in the lam-rim, or “graduated path to enlightenment.”

Facility Fee: $10 per class (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors are free)

Materials and Admin Support Fee: $20 Printed Reading Packet and Weekly Handouts OR $15 Digital Reading Packet and Printed Weekly Handouts

Retreat Day Facility Fee: $30 Please bring a vegetarian dish to share for the potluck lunch. (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors $20 Please bring a vegetarian dish to share for the potluck lunch.)

Everyone is welcome to this course. Please register.



Previously Completed Meditation Events

Meditate with Geshe-la Series

with Geshe Wangchen

Sundays 15 Nov, 29 Nov & 6 Dec 2020 10am

Join in as Geshe-la leads guided meditations on these three Sundays. Let go of your end of year stress and settle down on a cushion or a chair for some meaningful time meditating on uplifting topics with Geshe-la. Meditations will be on topics such as:

  • Letting Go & Resilience (recover quickly from difficulties & problems)
  • Love & Compassion
  • Gratitude for all the valuable opportunities we have

Facility Fee $10 (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors are free)

No registration required.


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