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Wish List

We will try to keep this list updated with a variety of things DCI could really use. If you would like to offer one of the things or sponsor it or sponsor part of it, please let us know.

  • Rechargeable AA Batteries (x8) plus a plug-in recharger to recharge them in
  • Brush stick fencing for around the Buddhas in front Buddha garden (the current one is very bare!)
  • Ladders – large ones, A-frame ones, smaller ones (very useful for maintenance, painting projects, etc.)
  • Good, working umbrellas – primarily stick umbrellas work best for our needs
  • Good Quality Lawnmower – our current aging Ride-On lawnmower is nearing the end of its life (hopefully it will survive another year…) and so we are looking at saving up for a new one. We have one in mind that will suit the 2.5 acres of DCI. Please talk to us if you would like to contribute to our new lawnmower.
  • Good Quality Weed Eater – needs to be decent, sturdy quality to deal with our extensive grounds
  • Eco Cleaning Products 
  • Petrol Vouchers
  • Donation of good books for the library – either good reads or Dharma books
  • Offers of work in the garden or plants / trees
  • Printer toner cartridges (please contact us for cartridge details)
  • Individually wrapped tea bags (any variety) for the tea freely available to visitors, students, and guests in the gompa lounge or instant coffee, biscuits, etc.

Thank you for your generous thoughts. Generosity of any size is appreciated. Even just the thought, may DCI and all sentient beings receive whatever they need, creates amazing merit!

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