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Tara Wealth Vases and Annual Puja

On this page you can learn about the Annual Tara Wealth Vase Puja and also about the benefits of having a Tara Wealth Vase and how to invite one to your home.

Annual Tara Wealth Vase Puja

Sunday, 8 November 2020

Everyone is welcome to attend our Annual Tara Wealth Vase Puja. This year’s puja will begin at 10am on Sunday, 8 November 2020. Registration is now open for everyone.

If you wish to include your dedications we encourage you to register online in advance.

If you have your own Tara Wealth Vase and wish to have it re-blessed we also encourage you to register online in advance.

 Please submit online registrations by 5th November.

This puja is by donation, so you are welcome to make a donation of any amount towards offerings, etc. This annual Puja includes a Tara Puja led by Geshe Wangchen and also a special Tara Wealth Vase Consecration Ceremony performed by Geshe Wangchen. You do not need to have your own Tara Wealth Vase to participate. You also do not need to register to just attend.

Online registrations are now open. If you wish to have your own Tara Wealth Vase re-consecrated, or wish to invite a Tara Wealth Vase to your home, please see more details below. If you are bringing your own Tara Wealth Vase for Reconsecration, please bring it to Dorje Chang Institute at least 15 minutes prior to the start of puja and then you can take it home with you after the puja.

Reconsecrating Your Tara Wealth Vase

This reconsecration service is by donation. If you wish to have your personal Tara Wealth Vase reconsecrated, please register and then:

For those attending the puja:
Please put a label on your vase with your name and phone number. Please bring your Tara Wealth Vase to DCI on the day of the puja no later than 15 minutes before the puja begins. If your vase is labeled you can place it on the altar next to the other Tara Wealth Vases to be blessed. Please make sure you dust/clean the outside of your Tara Wealth Vase prior to bringing it to the puja. Please make sure NOT to open it or break the vajra seal on top of the vase. At the end of the puja, please collect your Tara Wealth Vase to take home.

For those not attending the puja, but who would like to bring their vase to DCI in advance:
Please contact our office in advance to arrange a time and a day for drop off and for collection of your vase. This is only by arrangement.

For those who live overseas and who would like their vase blessed via photo:
If you are overseas, please email us a photo of your Tara Wealth Vase no later than 3 days in advance so that we can print the photo and put it on the altar for blessing on that day. Prior to the day of the puja here, please make sure your vase and the area it is placed in is clean and we welcome you to refresh the offerings around the vase.

Annual Tara Wealth Vase Puja

Each year, during the 9th Tibetan month, according to the advice of Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Dorje Chang Institute performs a Tara Wealth Vase Consecration Ceremony. Rinpoche mentioned that the Tibetan 9th month is a very auspicious time of year for this type of activity.


Everyone is welcome to:

  • Attend the Puja
  • Sponsor the Puja
  • Bring in your own personal Tara Wealth Vase for re-consecration (if you have one)
  • Invite a new Tara Wealth Vase to your home (more details further down the page)

Re-consecrating Your Own Tara Wealth Vase

For those who already have one or more Tara Wealth Vases in their home, having your wealth vase re-consecrated (re-blessed) can be a good way to re-energize Tara’s presence and blessings.  Tara is again invited to abide in the vase and many offerings are made on your behalf to Tara. This puja is by donation. Buddha taught that wealth and resources come from the cause: generosity. By sponsoring the puja and offerings and dedicating, you are creating more causes for wealth, resources and enlightenment.

How often you have your wealth vase re-consecrated is up to you. If you live overseas, and it is not possible to bring your Tara Wealth Vase to the centre for the re-consecration, you can also send us a picture of your Tara Wealth Vase and the picture can represent your Tara Wealth Vase at the re-consecration ceremony. This has already been done for an overseas Tara Wealth Vase in the past.

Sponsor the Puja

Anyone can sponsor this puja for any amount (you do not need to have your own wealth vase). This puja is by donation. You can make a sponsorship donation one of three ways:


  • online with a credit card via paypal
  • via online banking
  • or by cash/cheque in person

Whichever method you choose, please let us know in advance if possible by clicking the button below and filling out the Sponsorship and Dedications Registration Form.


What is a Tara Wealth Vase?

Cultivating the Causes and Conditions for Wealth
Having wealth and resources can be very useful for benefiting oneself and others. The main cause of wealth is generosity, merit. Incorporating generous actions (no matter how small) into our daily life can bring benefit to others and also create the cause for us to enjoy wealth and resources in the future so we can continue to practice generosity.



Having planted the “seeds” (created the causes) in this and past lives for wealth and resources, it can be useful to also create conducive conditions to help those seeds to ripen.

Consecrated Wealth Vases can be a helpful condition to ripen our wealth “seeds.”

What is a Tara Wealth Vase?

There are different types of wealth vases. Dorje Chang Institute has created Tara Wealth Vases. The principal deity of this type of wealth vase is the eleventh of the twenty-one Taras, Tara the Eliminator of Poverty.

Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche explains: “This Tara is for increasing wealth, so that you can help other sentient beings and the Dharma. You need a statue of this Tara or at least a painting to put in the wealth vase. This is the Tara to whom you pray to relieve your poverty. There are two types of poverty: material poverty and poverty of Dharma.”

Each vase contains a small image of this Tara. The vase has the eight auspicious symbols printed in gold colour on the outside and inside is filled with many precious substances such as gold, pearls, jewels, coins, medicinal herbs, grains, honey and other ingredients as well as representations of wealth, abundance and prosperity. They also contain rolled mantras and prayers.

Wealth Vases for Overseas People
We also have made a limited number of Wealth Vases that will be suitable for shipping overseas. These wealth vases will not contain actual grains and honey, etc. to avoid problems with customs. Instead there will be beautiful colour pictures of these ingredients. If you would like one of these vases, please let us know and specify that you would like one suitable for shipping overseas.

Where do I keep a Wealth Vase?
The vase is a holy object and should be treated with respect. It is crucial to never remove the cloth covering the lid of the vase. This cloth, known as the Vajra Seal, protects the blessing and integrity of the empowerment contained in the vases. The Wealth Vase can be placed on the altar or any clean place in your home that is not facing the door or window. If it is placed on your altar, it is best for it to be tucked away (perhaps behind statues, etc.) so that it is not easy to see. It is also possible to keep it in a clean cabinet. During the Consecration, Tara is invited to abide in the Vase, therefore one is most welcome to place any offerings near the Vase if you wish.

The Adoption Fee for a Wealth Vase
The adoption fee for a Tara Wealth Vase is on a sliding scale from $208 to $288. We will also have a few special Tara Wealth Vases that contain extra jewel offerings available for an adoption fee of $380. All of the overseas Tara Wealth Vases have extra jewel offerings and have an adoption fee of $380 (shipping is extra).

If you would like a Tara Wealth Vase, please contact the office to arrange.

Good news! Geshe Wangchen together with a group of Sangha and volunteers have organized, filled and created a new set of Tara Wealth Vases in October 2018. These have been consecrated and will be reconsecrated at our Annual Puja.

The monies raised from the wealth vases will be used for DCI projects.

More Merit, More Success

Two quotes from Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche:
“So as I mentioned before, if you don’t accumulate merit nothing works. No matter how many wealth vases you make, no matter how much feng shui you have done to your house, nothing works if you haven’t accumulated the merit before.”

“The main thing for success is to practice generosity, making offerings to the Guru, Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, and practicing generosity and kindness toward sentient beings. That is the basic cause. There are so many opportunities offered to you in everyday life to create as much merit as possible.”

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