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BP Grounds and Paths of Secret Mantra

“In brief, the buddhahood achieved over countless aeons you will attain in this birth through the most excellent bliss, or the state of Vajradhara.”

Samputa Tantra

Our Tuesday night FPMT Basic Program (BP) Intermediate Level Series will host its next subject, Grounds and Paths of Secret Mantra, from 3 August 2021 for one year (minus our usual Summer Break from approximately mid-Dec till mid-Feb).

The BP Classes are taught by our Resident Teacher, Lharampa Geshe Wangchen. If you wish to attend, you need to apply/register – more details on that below.


UPDATE: Class Extended – Commentary on the Final Sections of this Text: Although the official end of this BP subject was on 30 August 2022, Geshe-la would like to give commentary on the final sections of this text that relate to the Kalachakra Tantra and plans to teach on this through the end of this year. This class is open to those who are already registered for this BP Grounds and Paths Class.


Requirements to Join this Class:

Please note that it definitely requires some previous study to attend these intermediate level classes, particularly this advanced topic. This class is not for new students. Of the nine core curriculum subjects this is the 9th and final topic in this current round of the FPMT BP Intermediate Series. Additionally, regarding specifically this current topic on tantra, Geshe-la explains that strictly speaking in order to join the course it is best if one has already taken Tibetan Buddhist tantric initiation(s) prior to receiving these teachings. However, if one has not yet had initiation, at the very least it is important that one has formally taken Buddhist refuge.

During the Auckland Lockdown:

All Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors who are registered for this class will automatically be sent the link to the audio recordings of this class.

Grounds and Paths of Secret Mantra Overview:

Grounds and Paths of Secret Mantra offers a concise overview of the structure of the Tantric path, widely acclaimed in Tibet as the swiftest and most sublime means to realize buddhahood. Tantra distinguishes itself in particular through a unique combination of method and wisdom, achieved through meditation on the perfect form of a buddha as completely devoid of true existence. Presenting the paths of all four classes of tantra, while not being a guide to Highest Yoga Tantra practice itself, this subject provides a clear overview of its complex path structure.

The text for this class is: Principles of Buddhist Tantra by Kirti Tsenshap Rinpoche


[For students already enrolled in this class, who have paid the Materials / Admin Fee here is a quick link to the Supplementary Materials page for Grounds and Paths of Secret Mantra. You will need to login using your username and password in order to access it.]

Course Dates

Classes are on Tuesdays 7.30 – 9pm beginning 3 August 2021 and concluding one year later (approximately) at the end of July/early August 2022 (minus our usual Summer Break from approximately mid-Dec till mid-Feb).


Discussion Nights (Optional)

There will also be optional Discussion Nights offered on alternate Thursdays 7.30 – 9pm facilitated by FPMT Registered Teacher, Simon Harrison. These are a great way to review, ask more questions and clarify one’s understanding. Please see DCI’s online program calendar for dates of scheduled discussion nights.


The Materials / Admin Fee is the same for both those who are and who are not yet Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors.

Full Materials / Admin Fee (for the year):  $150 includes the book Principles of Buddhist Tantra, by Kirti Tsenshap Rinpoche, handouts during the year-long course, as well as access to downloadable supplementary materials.

For those who already have a copy of this book then the Handouts and Supplementary Materials Only Materials / Admin Fee is $95 (for the year) for the handouts during the year-long course as well as access to downloadable supplementary materials.

(If you are participating in this course from afar, there will be an extra charge of $15 to cover posting the book to you (within New Zealand) and the handouts will be emailed as they are distributed. The supplementary materials will be available online.)

Facility Fees: $10 per class (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors are free)

The Facility Fee for the optional Discussion Nights on alternate Thursdays is also $10 (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors are free).

We highly recommend that Basic Program Students consider becoming a Dharma Friend Monthly Contributor if they are not already one.

There are Three Payment Method Options for paying the Materials and Facility Fees:

  1. paying by internet banking (bank account details are provided on the Materials Fee and Facility Fee Payment Forms)
  2. paying by cash in person
  3. paying by PayPal using either a PayPal account or a credit cardplease note that PayPal takes a small portion of each payment and so this is not our preferred payment method.

How to Join the Class

Registration for this class will open closer to the time of the start of the class.


Questions? Please feel free to contact us using our Contact Form or by calling our Spiritual Program Office 09 8288776 if you have questions about joining the class.

Are you new to the Basic Program?

If this is your first time joining a subject of the FPMT Basic Program Intermediate Class Series at Dorje Chang Institute we recommend you familiarize yourself with the format and components of these classes by clicking the button below.

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