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Meet the Nalanda Masters

Meet the Nalanda Masters

taught by Geshe Wangchen

Sundays in September & October (extended!)

now 6 Classes: Sundays, 2, 9, 16, 23 of September & 7, 14 of October, 10am – 12pm
Excellent for all levels!

Class Description

“It is quite clear,” His Holiness the Dalai Lama emphasizes, “that [Tibetan Buddhism] derives from the pure lineage of the tradition of the Nalanda Monastery. The master Nagarjuna hailed from this institution, as did many other important philosophers and logicians…”

His Holiness commissioned a thangka painting of seventeen of the most learned and accomplished masters of Nalanda and composed a prayer that, His Holiness mentioned, “expresses my heartfelt reverence for these most excellent learned beings,“ entitled “Sun Illuminating the Threefold Faith.” Over the first four Sundays in September, Geshe Wangchen will introduce this prayer and also give a biographical introduction to each of these seventeen panditas. Come and learn more about the lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

“Thus, with respect to the profound and vast aspects of the excellent Dharma taught by the Blessed Buddha, these great masters of India, the land of the noble ones, referred to in the above lines composed excellent treatises that opened the eyes of intelligence of numerous discerning individuals.

“These writings survive without degeneration to this day—now approaching 2,550 years [following the Buddha’s passing]—still serving as treatises for study, critical reflection, and meditation.

“Therefore, remembering the kindness of these learned masters, I aspire with unwavering devotion to follow in their footsteps.

- His Holiness the Dalai Lama


Class Facility Fee $10 per class (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors’ facility fee is free)
No need to register for these classes. There is an optional $10 materials fee for people who wish to have a personal copy of the prayer, a colour print of the thangka of the 17 pandits and a a summary/brief history of each. Limited supplies, request if interested.


More about Geshe Wangchen

Geshe Thupten Wangchen

Geshe Thupten Wangchen

Resident Teacher, Dorje Chang Institute

Geshe Wangchen became the Resident Teacher at Dorje Chang Institute in 2003 at the request of Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Since 2003, Geshe-la has been kindly teaching introductory, intermediate and advanced Buddhist philosophy classes, leading meditation and practice retreats as well as providing spiritual support for the Dorje Chang Institute community.

Image Colophon: Photos of the thangka of the 17 Pandits of Nalanda above from Professor James Blumenthal’s “The Seventeen Pandits of Nalanda Monastery” as also published in Mandala Magazine – Image courtesy of the Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Photo of His Holiness the Dalai Lama by Olivier Adam, courtesy of FPMT and Olivier Adam.

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