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Yamantaka Jangwa Puja

2023 Puja: Sunday, 20 August 2023

This year’s Annual Jangwa Puja will be held on Sunday, 20 August 2023, from 10am – 12 noon. 

What is a Yamantaka Jangwa Puja?

This is a powerful annual puja performed by Lharampa Geshe Wangchen to benefit both the living and those who have passed away. We hold this puja once a year. This year’s Annual Jangwa Puja will be held on Sunday, 20 August 2022, from 10am – 12 noon. We invite everyone to take the opportunity to participate in this annual puja. We will make prayers for all of the sponsors dedications to be fulfilled in accordance with the holy Dharma. Please register in advance, by 13 August, especially any dedications for those who are deceased or for those who are living but not attending the puja, so that we can prepare materials in advance.

Chai tea and morning treats will be available from 9.20am on the day and there will be a donation table open from 9am (please register the actual dedications in advance as we need to prepare materials though).

Introduction to the Jangwa Puja:

The first part of the ritual is a purification ritual for the living – purifying all obstacles, illness, disease, etc. If at all possible the living beneficiary should attend the ceremony in person to reap the most powerful effect. Anyone is welcome to attend and participate in this.

The second part of the puja is for the benefit of those who have died anytime in the past:  to find perfect human rebirths, purify all negativities, meet the Dharma and qualified Dharma teachers, and be reborn in a pure land. This is a wonderful way to do something positive to help those with whom you have a connection who have passed away – family members, relatives, friends, etc.

This puja is by donation.

How can I register?

Please register in advance by 13 August. For the online registration form you will need the following information.

  • person(s) to attend the puja
  • names and dedications for those living (but not attending)
  • names of deceased persons to be dedicated for during the puja

Please note: Those attending the puja participate directly and so receive the benefit that way (for this reason Geshe-la says the names of those attending do not need to be on the dedication list). Those living but not attending will be dedicated for at the end of the puja. For each deceased person a placard is prepared with the name (and photo if provided in advance – optional ) which is used during the second half of the ritual.

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