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Dear Viewers,

Welcome to our website.

As a westerner who has tried to practice Buddhism for over 35yrs, I would like to say Buddhism is not about imitating a cultural tradition. It is about taking the essence. This means developing a good heart so we may conduct our lives with more clarity, kindness and insight, in order to help ourselves and others.

It is about exploring our own minds and making changes in our lives by engaging in the practices, that are as relevant today as they were at the time of Lama Tsongkhapa. There is a lineage of enlightened yogis and practitioners up to the present time that have shown it is possible to engage in a meaningful life that embraces wisdom and compassion, by using these tried and tested methods.

Dorje Chang Institute offers a spiritual environment in which to take the essence by using study, contemplation, pujas and practices. We also offer opportunities for service and support. We hope you come and visit us soon!

I wish all of you who visit this website a meaningful and happy spiritual journey.

Enjoy our website!

Best wishes
Kathy Frewen,
Director, Dorje Chang Institute.

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