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Please note that if the Institute is closed over a public holiday the bookshop is closed from the Wednesday prior till the Thursday following. (Eg. Easter, King’s Birthday, Labour Day Weekend, etc.) Over the Summer Break the bookshop is not open. 

Sorry no eftpos available.

We rely on volunteers to open the Bookshop. If the volunteer’s availability changes, we will change the shop hours to reflect this, so please check this page for updates. Occasionally this happens last minute in which case we will post a sign on the bookshop.

We have a wide selection of

  • Buddhist books
  • Full-color practice booklets
  • music & audio teachings
  • full-color posters of Buddhas
  • incense
  • cards
  • ritual items
  • altar supplies

We make an effort to carry the books you need to support your study of the Buddhist teachings.

At the Bookshop you will find a range of beautiful offering items and incense for your altar and meditation space.

Shopping in the Bookshop is a wonderful way to enrich your own study and practice as well as support the Dharma and building of holy objects (stupas, prayer wheels, etc.) at DCI.


Monday 2 – 4pm
Thursday 2 – 4pm
 Friday 2 – 4pm
 Sunday 12 – 1pm

Or outside of these hours by appointment

Or outside of these hours you can request an appointment to visit the Bookshop at a specific time/day by calling: 09 828 3333 or emailing us.

Please note: If the Institute is closed over a public holiday, such as Easter Public Holiday, the bookshop is also closed from the Wednesday prior till the Wednesday following. (Eg. Easter, Queen’s Birthday, Labour Day, etc.).

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