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Caring for our Oasis in the City

DCI Gardens and Grounds

We are so fortunate to have this green oasis in the city!

However, after two years of closed borders, and therefore a lack of international traveller WWOOFing volunteers and only a small number of current garden volunteers, we need to ask for help with maintaining and caring for the land.

We would like to

  • encourage the orchard, so we have more fruit,
  • work on removing weed species, removing privet,
  • nourishing our flower offerings,
  • engage in healthy tree maintenance
  • and generally tend this oasis so that it becomes a sustainable blessing!

We really welcome volunteers, both general and those with specialised experience. We are also in discussion with an arborist regarding much-needed tree maintenance and care as well as getting help with noxious weed removal and privet.

Would you like to help us?

We need general volunteer help with:

  • weeding
  • basic pruning
  • applying natural fertiliser and mulch around fruit trees
  • raking, leaf blowing, sweeping
  • garden path clearing (especially to the fruit trees)

We need experienced volunteer help with:

  • pruning
  • lawn mowing
  • weed eating
  • hedge trimming

We need sponsorship to hire:

  • professional arborists for tree maintenance and care
  • help with removal of invasive weed species, privet, etc.

We need sponsorship for tools, supplies and services such as:

  • pole hedge trimmer
  • gardening gloves, hand tools (such as secateurs, loppers, trowels, rakes, etc.), wheelbarrow(s), ladder(s)
  • veggie, flower, plant and tree seedlings/saplings
  • garden compost: natural fertilisers; and other materials to support the garden beds
  • weed disposal where necessary, natural weed solutions, etc.
  • mower, weed eater and tool maintenance and running costs



Flower, Fruit and Veg Offerings

We like to offer the flowers, fruit and veg that we grow at our pujas for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Everyone who visits gets to enjoy the flowers, trees, shade and green space that this oasis offers.

Our Sangha, residents and sometimes visitors also enjoy the fruit and veg. The birds, bees and other insects get to enjoy the flowers, trees and so forth.

When we have great abundance, such as our grapefruit harvest, we are able to offer to those especially in need, including some who come to the centre, the Salvation Army food bank, etc.

Therefore all of the people who help contribute to the health, beauty and abundance of this green oasis get to share in the great merit of tending this mandala and of all of the benefit that it offers.

We welcome your support through volunteering, donations and prayers. Thank you!

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