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DCI Audio Recording Service

Where possible we highly recommend attending classes in person. However, we know this is not always possible. For people who live further away, or who are unable to attend due to health or schedule obstacles, our Dharma Audio Recording Service is very useful to be able to continue to enjoy the Dharma teachings.

We currently offer our Dharma Audio Recording Service for the following classes:

  • Sundays Classes
  • Tuesday Classes

Please Note: Regarding the FPMT BP Intermediate Series with Geshe Wangchen – In order to request audio recordings of these classes, you would first need to register for the subject. Some of these classes have prerequisites. If you are registered for a BP class or other series that requires registration and you are a Dharma Friend Monthly Supporter, and are unable to attend, you will automatically be sent the recordings for this class. If you are registered but are not a Dharma Friend Monthly Supporter, please email the office to request recordings.

Please note: ALL recordings are provided solely for the personal use of the person requesting. We ask you not to post or share the recordings. Any additional persons wishing to listen are welcome to get in touch with Dorje Chang Institute directly to request.

Facility Contributions

In order to continue to be able to provide the classes and events at DCI, we normally request a facility contribution of $10 per regular class. This helps to cover our costs as a charitable trust in providing these classes. Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors enjoy free facility contributions at all regular classes. The facility contributions also apply to the Audio Recording Service.

We understand that some people may be experiencing financial hardship, especially at this time. Please do not let financial hardship be an obstacle to listening the Dharma! If you are unable to contribute the $10 to support our work, we welcome you to contribute what you are able.

How to Request Recordings

Click the button below if you wish to request an audio recording of a Sunday or Tuesday class at DCI. Sometimes recent teachings are available as a set.




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