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Become a Dharma Friend Supporter

As a registered charitable trust we rely on donations and volunteers to keep going. As someone who values what we offer to the community, please consider becoming a Dharma Friend supporter and making a monthly donation to help sustain the activities of your Dharma centre.

Tax Receipts

Dorje Chang Institute has been a Registered Charitable Trust since 1976. We are also registered with the Charities Commission Reg. No. CC34625. We issue a yearly tax receipt for all Dharma Friend monthly donations.

What does your donation support?

Your monthly donation helps us to continue to be able to offer and support:

  • a variety of Dharma classes, practices, pujas and other activities to benefit sentient beings
  • our Resident Teacher, Geshe Wangchen
  • two additional resident Sangha members
  • a translator, Dharma library
  • maintaining large holy objects: stupa, prayer wheel for world peace, five large Buddha statues in the gardens
  • maintaining our facilities, help with running costs, electricity, water, etc.
  • as well as providing and maintaining a peaceful oasis in the city with spacious grounds


Dharma Friend Individuals & Families

Ongoing donations of any amount are welcome. We have two levels of Dharma Friendhip and both have Individual and Monthly Subscriptions:  Dharma Friends and Vajra Dharma Friends

Dharma Friend (Individuals) $35 a month

Dharma Friend (Partner/Family) $50 a month 

Dharma Friends receive the following benefits:

  • the incredible merit of supporting the Dharma, Sangha and helping to maintain DCI
  • Attend regular teachings for free
  • Receive discounts on some visiting teachers, courses and retreats
  • Borrow books from the library
  • Get discounts in the DCI Book and Gift Shop
  • Enjoy the amazing merit of helping to make the conditions for Dharma available

For those who wish to and are able to offer more we have:

Vajra Dharma Friend (Individual) $50+ per month 

Vajra Dharma Friend (Partner/Family) $65+ per month 

Vajra Dharma Friends receive all of the above benefits as well as:

  • Liberation Tibetan Calendar – includes special dates in the Buddhist calendar (Buddha Days, etc.) as well as auspicious days to start projects and more
  • Know that you are providing much needed extra support for your Dharma centre, which exists to help benefit sentient beings

Please note: There is a requested of a minimum commitment of 6 months.

Payment Methods

Our preferred donation payment method is by automatic monthly payment you set up from your bank account.

Alternatively we can receive payments via Paypal / Credit Card – but please note that paypal takes a percentage of each donation.

Cash is also possible, but we ask with this option that 6 months or 1 year’s payment is paid in advance (ie. $210, $300, etc.).

How do I sign up?


The Happiest Life

Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche explains why we need Dharma practice and Dharma centres and that practicing and helping to provide a place to learn Dharma is the happiest life.

“Practicing Dharma—even if it is for oneself, or even for one or two sentient beings—it’s so beneficial. Then if one practices Dharma for all sentient beings of the six realms—wow wow wow! Unbelievable benefits! Awakening yourself and others, freeing yourself in order to free others…”

“This is the reason you need a center, a place to learn Dharma and practice, where you provide a teacher etc. So you can see the unbelievable kindness of the people who make this happen, like the teacher and the director. You can see the benefits of such a place!”

“A place where you learn the Dharma, where the causes for inner happiness and how to abandon the causes of suffering and eventually to remove all the sufferings are explained – so a place doing this: how important that is, a place providing this. And the people who help in it—wow wow wow! So meaningful. That is the happiest life.”  

To read more click here for the full message.

Join us in providing such a place!

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