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Wish List

We will try to keep this list updated with a variety of things DCI could really use. If you would like to offer one of the things or sponsor it or sponsor part of it, please let us know.

  • Ladders – Thank you we now have one medium A-frame ladder. We are still looking for a long, tall ladder that can be used for getting up onto the roof and other tall places for clearing gutters, etc.
  • Lawnmower and Trimmer servicing – Thank you to all who contributed to our new lawnmower. We hope to keep it in good shape with regular servicing (as it handles a lot of lawns here!). All contributions are most welcome.
  • Eco Cleaning Products 
  • Petrol Vouchers
  • Donation of good books for the library – either good reads or Dharma books; Second hand Dharma books are also welcome for our bookshop.
  • Offers of work in the garden or seeds / plants / trees / fruit trees for our orchard, etc.
  • Individually wrapped tea bags (any variety) for the tea freely available to visitors, students, and guests in the gompa lounge or instant coffee, biscuits, etc.

Thank you for your generous thoughts. Generosity of any size is appreciated. Even just the thought, may DCI and all sentient beings receive whatever they need, creates amazing merit! We also accept General Donations that can be used wherever it is needed the most.

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