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BP Heart Sutra

“Form is empty, emptiness is form; form is not other than emptiness, emptiness is not other than form…”

Shakyamuni Buddha

Among the most famous of all the Buddhist scriptures, the Heart Sutra reveals the truth of emptiness through a short exchange between two of the Buddha’s most illustrious disciples, Avalokiteshvara and Shariputra. Traditional commentary expands on the cryptic style of the sutra to clarify the exact nature of the wisdom realizing emptiness and the ‘method’ practices that are its essential complement, relating these two aspects of practice to the five levels on the path to enlightenment. The brevity and profound nature of the Heart Sutra have made its recitation popular as an effective means for dispelling obstacles to spiritual endeavor.


BP Heart Sutra Materials Page Link: For students already registered for this class who have paid the materials fee, here is a quick link to the Materials Page for this subject.

Course Dates

Tuesdays, 7.30pm 20 Feb – 2 April (7 sessions)

Discussion Nights (Optional)

There will also be optional Discussion Nights offered on alternate Thursdays 7.30 – 9pm facilitated by FPMT Registered Teacher, Simon Harrison. These are a great way to review, ask more questions and clarify one’s understanding. Please see DCI’s online program calendar for dates of scheduled discussion nights.


The Materials / Admin Fee is the same for both those who are and who are not yet Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors.

Full Materials / Admin Fee:  $15

Facility Fees: $10 per class (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors are free)

The Facility Fee for the optional Discussion Nights on alternate Thursdays is also $10 (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors are free).

We highly recommend that Basic Program Students consider becoming a Dharma Friend Monthly Contributor if they are not already one.

There are Three Payment Method Options for paying the Materials and Facility Fees:

  1. paying by internet banking (bank account details are provided on the Materials Fee and Facility Fee Payment Forms)
  2. paying by cash in person
  3. paying by PayPal using either a PayPal account or a credit cardplease note that PayPal takes a small portion of each payment and so this is not our preferred payment method.

How to Join the Class

Questions? Please feel free to contact us using our Contact Form or by calling our Spiritual Program Office 09 8288776 if you have questions about joining the class.

Are you new to the Basic Program?

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