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Visiting Western Teacher - Ven Yönten

Ven Lozang Yönten will visit Dorje Chang Institute from Nov 20 – 27 (while Geshe Wangchen is leading a Medicine Buddha Retreat at Mahamudra Centre). Ven Yönten will lead two One Day Retreats, give a Dharma Talk on Thursday, teach the BP Tuesday night class and also lead other programs during that time. We encourage you to take advantage of these Dharma opportunities! The visit schedule is below.


Ven Yönten

Ven Yönten, originally from the USA, became a nun when she was 21 (in 2003), and with the permission of her Abbot received gelongma/bhikshuni ordination in 2011. She did her main study with Khensur Rinpoche Geshe Tashi Tsering from 2002-2009 at Chenrezig Institute in Australia before continuing studies in India and Taiwan until 2011. She then offered service at Chandrakirti Meditation Centre in Nelson where she completed the exams necessary and became an FPMT In-Depth Registered Teacher. She was then Resident Teacher at Kunsang Yeshe Retreat Centre in the Blue Mountains until 2014.

Currently she is Mahamudra Centre’s (Colville, Coromandel) teacher in residence leading courses and retreats from September through February. She has a very engaging, lively, and interactive way of teaching and joyfully shares her wealth of knowledge. To read more visit Mahamudra’s Bio page for Ven Yönten here.

Schedule of Events

Sunday, Nov 20 10am – 3pm Retreat Day: Guided Lam-Rim Meditation led by Ven Lozang Yönten – with vegetarian potluck lunch (Buddha Day)

Everyone is welcome! Meditating on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment is an important way to start deepening one’s experience of Buddhist practice. The Lam-Rim contains all of the important topics on the Path to Enlightenment. Come and learn how to properly meditate on these topics and start creating the causes to have realizations of the path in your mind. Geshe Wangchen has asked Ven Yönten to lead this Lam-Rim Meditation Retreat (covering the topics of the Middle Scope)

Lam-Rim Meditation Retreat Schedule

10am-11.15am Lam-Rim Retreat Session I
11.15am – 12pm Vegetarian Potluck Lunch – bring a dish to share (Buddha Day generosity opportunity!)
12-12.30pm group lunch clean up
12.30-1.30pm Lam-Rim Retreat Session II
1.30-2pm Tea Break
2-3pm Lam-Rim Retreat Session III

Facility Fee $30 (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors $20)

Register by November 19th if you would like to participate (and please remember to bring a vegetarian dish for the lunch as this will be a shared lunch). You are also welcome to come to a few sessions or all as you are able.

Tuesday, Nov 22, 7.30-9pm Stages of the Path: BP Intermediate Level Class – with Ven Lozang Yönten – Facility Fee $10 (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors are free)

Wednesday, Nov 23rd, 7.30pm Guru Puja with Tsog Offering

Thursday, Nov 24, 7.30 – 9pm A Powerful Method for Expanding our Loving-Kindness and Compassion: Introduction to Tong-Len Meditation with Ven Yönten  – Facility Fee $10 (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors are free) – No need to register for this talk.

Friday, November 25, 7.30 – 8.30pm Medicine Buddha Puja

Sunday, November 27, 10am – 4pm Tong-Len Retreat Day – How to Bravely Cultivate Bodhicitta through the Secret Practice of Taking and Giving with Ven Yönten

Once kept very secret, then later made public, this powerful method to develop the amazing altruistic mind of Bodhicitta is so precious. Everyone interested to increase their loving-kindness and compassion is welcome to join in this retreat day. Please register by Nov 24 so we can make lunch preparations.


10am – 12pm Session I
12pm Vegetarian Lunch provided
1pm group lunch clean up
1.30 – 2.15pm Session II
2.15 – 2.30pm Tea Break
2.30 – 4pm Session III

Facility Fee $40 (Dharma Friend Monthly Contributors are $30) includes lunch and tea. Please register by Nov 24 – Click here to register. (or click the registration button at the bottom of this page)

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